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Well, I finished another story. This one has been haunting me for ages, and I'm glad to finally get it out of my head. It's another Jack and Yvette story, or rather a Jack and Robyn story. I'm not sure if I'm completely happy about the ending, so comments are quite welcome.


A little story

Well, despite all the work with moving, I've had a story haunting me the last few weeks. I've been working on it in fits and starts, and it's been madly evolving between each version. It was originally 12 pages, and is now 18 and much better.

The characters are from the same RPG that spawned Ree and Sergei, but I really hope this story pretty much stands on it's own even with the Harry Potter references.

Please, I would love to know what people think of this one. it was a real labor of love, to which gelsey can attest, having sat through my rants and editing a million variations of it. So please, take a little time to check it out, and let me know what you think.

Tea Time
Pastel Tree

The Morning After

Two days ago, gelsey challenged her friends list to a game of truth or dare. Since we had so much fun with the first Ree and Sergei dare, she challenged me to do another one. Once again, this is a collaboration between the two of us.

A quick note of explanation. That day is the day when Death Eaters, led by Sergei’s older brother, Rasputin, attacked Sergei, his fiancée Rebekha, and their best friend Ree. Rebekha died from the attack and Ree and Sergei spent over a year in recovery. They have since gone on the hunt to ensure that those who attacked them will pay.

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Telling Grandma

Yesterday, gelsey challenged her friend's list to a game of truth or dare. Fool that I am, I agreed to play, and was quickly dare to write the tale of Ree and Sergei telling her grandmother about their marriage. It ended up being a collaboration as Sergei is her character through and through. To those of you who have played RPGs with us, this may make sense. To everyone else, I hope that this may be an interesting story anyway.

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Musings at Idyllwild, or Ree's heartwrending angst

So here is to insanity. I wrote this for the Lesser of Two Evils prompt on muses_stewpot, which of course I managed to forget the deadline to. Oh well. I hope that someone other than gelsey will appreciate the angst. I do apologise for how excessive the angst is, but I was musing on the histroy of these characters based on a recent attempt to use them again some eleven years later, and this just lodged itself in my brain and demanded to be written.

Disclaimer: This is based on an RPG I have played off and on for the last year. Gloryanna Fraiser is all mine. Sergei Ivanova is the property of the lovely gelsey. Rebekha Cabot is the property of her creator (I don't know if she has an LJ account). I have permission to mess with them all.

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