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Working on Home

So, having spent part of the morning working on uploading the rest of Home to AO3, I'm looking over what I have of the case fic again. I keep thinking if I had a beta or two willing to cheerlead and whap me maybe I could get it going and finish it. So... Anyone interested?

The first three chapters have been betaed. The last three plus the one or two I still need to write haven't. Anyone who helps will get a chance to read the whole thing to date, if bribery helps.

Either way, i might start posting the early chapters just to see if it inspires me. Leaving it a WIP on my hard drive isn't doing anyone any good.

Actually, in the name of bribery:

Abby's call was a life saver. Tim was about ready to put his head through his monitor in sheer frustration. Everything had been so slow today, and yesterday, and the day before. Ever since they'd sent Ruby home and finished interrogating those two wannabe Iraqi terrorists the office had been dead. If he had to call one more pawn broker to try and get a break in Gibbs' pet cold case, he was going to go postal. Tony had given up on both research and phone calls and started playing computer games an hour ago, even though Gibbs was sitting across the way. And that was after the senior agent had run out of pawnshops in Peoria and Philly to call, or at least that's what it had sounded like. He'd done Baltimore yesterday. Ziva had started making phone calls in foreign languages right after lunch, and while he had no idea what she was saying, Tim had a feeling they had nothing to do with the cases they were all beating their heads into.

So when Gibbs put the phone down saying, “Abby has something,” the whole team was more than ready to follow him into the elevator.

“Gibbs, Gibbs, Gibbs,” Abby cried excitedly when she heard the team come through the door. Tim and Tony shared a smile as they watched the forensic tech launch herself at their boss.

“What'cha find Abs?” Tony asked in a tone one might use on a hyper dog, clapping his hands excitedly in time with Abby's bouncing.

“Behave,” Gibbs snapped generally, but it was Tony he slapped on the back of the head. “Abby?” he added, drawing everyone's attention away from Tony's exaggerated pain and back to the forensic tech.

“Ok, well I was bored ,” she babbled at full tilt. “Things are slow for every team, so I was going back over all the evidence on your home invasion cases, and I dug up a few more that other teams caught that look similar.”

“Send McGee the file numbers,” Gibbs ordered, and Tim made a note in his PDA to follow up with Abby.

“Right, so, I was comparing the evidence, of which there is a disgusting dearth,” Abby complained. Tim groaned softly. That exact dearth of evidence was what he'd been ready to beat his head into his computer monitor over. “Whoever this guy is, he's really careful.”

“If it is the same person,” Ziva interrupted.

Tim glared at her. That had been the big argument for the last few months, and he did not want to hear it started up again, not now.

“I've got evidence that says it is,” Abby said proudly.

Tony began making an odd noise that Tim finally identified as a drum roll, or at least something like it. It made Abby happy anyway.

“The most recent case used the same gun as the one six months ago that Agent Bollman's team caught,” Abby announced at the end of the drum roll. “And the one before that used the same gun as the case three months ago that Agent Cassidy caught.”

“But not the same gun for all four?” Gibbs asked for confirmation.

“No,” Abby agreed.

“Well, then we know there were two people who did home invasions twice, or the guns are being handed around the gang,” Tim said.

“Or the killer is cycling through his gun supply and just started over,” Tony suggested.

“It's enough to ensure all the cases are turned over to us,” Gibbs announced. “I need a formal report for the Director.”

“I need an hour or so, but you'll have it before end of business,” Abby assured him.

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