Ree (triskellion) wrote,

Masterpost: Smallville/Buffy Crossover of Dooooooooooom

I'm doing an experiment. My muse has gone crazy with this idea for a Smallville/Buffy crossover, despite the fact that I've only seen chunks of both. This month is Camp NaNo two. So, I will be writing scenes from this verse, which may or may not be chronological. My goal is to post the equivalent of 1613 words a day for the month, reaching a total of 50k just to see if I can. And to see how the story goes. I'll be using this as my master post, so feel free to check back for updates if you're intrigued. This story will be, eventually, Clex and Spander.

If it all works out I might go back through and edit things. For now, expect this to be rough and unbetaed. And complaints about grammar or typos will be ignored or set on fire, because I don't care at the moment.

First, a few quick story notes. I'm shifting Buffy so season one took place spring of 1998 instead of 1997. The first scenes will rewrite Xander's summer trip after high school, but most of the really interesting stuff will happen after squashing the Initiative, rewriting season five and the Glory arc. don't expect Clark's and Lex's arcs to look the same, but a lot of the background events in Smallville will stay the same.

I'll add thoughts as I sort them out.

New Assume Chloe started school in Smallville mid year of 7th grade instead of 8th grade.


Summer after Buffy Season 3
The Big Apricot
Leaving Metropolis (or, Family Doesn't Have to Suck)
Meeting the Kents
What do Kids do for Fun in Smallville?
Sunnydale News Reports
The New Normal
Meteor Mutants 101

Buffy Season 4/Pre Smallville Season 1
Clark in Sunnydale
Who's Your Daddy?"
Interlude: Planning
Metropolis Nights
Smallville Nights

Buffy Season 5/Smallville Season 1
"I should have died today."
The Truth
Interlude: Early Morning
The Scarecrow
Interlude: Counterpoint

Total word count:26603
Tags: buffy, fanfiction, smallville, writing

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