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The Definition of Home: An AU story following the cannon events in a series of episode tags.

Season 3
Imagination - A prequel to the series from Gibbs POV: After the funeral, what drove Gibbs over to visit Tony?

The Definition of Home - The tag to Twilight and Kill Ari 1/2 that started it all: Tony has a secret. What is Gibbs going to do when he finds out just why his senior field agent will follow him to hell and back?

Defining Boundaries of Home - a Mind Games tag: They've just begun to sort out the new aspects of their dynamic when old ghosts from both their pasts show up.

Defining Boundaries of Pack and Home - a Silver War tag: There's someone new nosing about the pack and Tony wants to know if she's friends or foe.

Keeping Up Appearances - a The Voyeurs Web tag: Two scenes during The Voyeurs Web to clear the air between our boys. Beginning of the Frame Up arc.

Welcome Company - an Honor Code tag: After Honor Code, Gibbs and Tony have a short talk about matters in the office.

Recovering from Undercover - an Under Cover tag: After the events of Under Cover, Tony could use a little TLC. Unfortunately, Gibbs is distracted by his own demons.

Coming Home - a Frame Up tag: Our boys bond after the events of Frame Up, and apologies are made.

Preserving the Pack - a Probie tag: Sometime after Probie, Gibbs and Tony talk about a certain envelope and it's related phone call.

Hearth and Home - a Boxed In tag: After what happened in The Definition of Home, how would Tony react to Gibbs' teasing at the end of Boxed In?

A Quiet Evening at Home - a Deception tag: Just a quiet evening at home.

Good Instincts - a Bait tag: They survived, the kids survived, the drug dealers were taken down, but that doesn't mean everyone is completely happy with the events of the day.

Power of the Alpha - an Iced tag: Tony is a little worried about Gibbs' behavior in some of the recent cases.

A Home for All - an Untouchable tag: What did happen to the cat in Untouchable?

Guardian - a Bloodbath tag: During Bloodbath Abby spent the night at Gibbs' house. What happened after she broke his boat?

Judging Pack - a Judgement tag: Tying up some loose ends after the events of Judgement. Ziva and Gibbs really need to have a talk. Unfortunately, Jen can't seem to stop sticking her nose into places it doesn't belong.

Of A Broken Home - a Hiatus tag: For Gibbs, it was over once he'd said 'Semper Fi' and entered the elevator. What about for those who he left behind?

Season 4
What's Gone is Gone? - an Escaped tag: What is Tony's initial reaction to Gibbs' sudden return to full active duty?

You Can't Go Home Again - Part 1 - a Singled Out tag: Tony has to confront Gibbs about what he's forgotten eventually, but maybe Gibbs is tired of waiting him out. This scene takes place between the last two scenes of Singled Out.

You Can't Go Home Again - Part 2:Tony has to confront Gibbs about what he's forgotten eventually, but maybe Gibbs is tired of waiting him out. Later that night ...

You Can't Go Home Again - Part 3 : Tony has to confront Gibbs about what he's forgotten eventually, but maybe Gibbs is tired of waiting him out. The next day ...

Home Is Where The Pack Is: A short conversation about Abby and pack on the way to the movies. Takes place immediately after You Can't Go Home Again - Part 3

What Makes An Alpha? - a Faking It tag: After the events of Faking It, did you really think Gibbs was going to get to let Franks go and not get a talking to?

Discovering Pack - a Dead And Unburied tag: In Dead and Unburied, Tim and Tony get stuck together, waiting, for an entire night. What did they talk about?

Protecting the Pack: - Time to have a chat with the boys who've been slipping Abby info about Shifter society.

Redefining Boundaries - a Sandblast tag: A short conversation after the events of Sandblast. They may be talking, but things aren't what they were.

To Be A Hero - a Once A Hero tag: The year is progressing, as is Tony's undercover op. Gibbs is worried his senior agent isn't holding up well under the stress.

Twisted Pack - a Twisted Sister tag: What makes a pack?

Faceoff - a Smoked tag: Our two favorite alpha types have spent the last few days squaring off. A quiet conversation while they unwind from the last case. (Begins immediately after the end of Smoked)

Recruiting Fornell - Ted and Ben finally coughed up those file. Time to hand the case off to Fornell. NEW

Longing for Home - a Driven tag: Ziva worries. Tim teases. Tony questions. And Gibbs wants.

Calling Home - a Suspicion tag: An update between our boys in the midst of the case.

Murder at Home - A between episode case fic - A series of thefts around Virginia and Maryland may prove to be something far more deadly and dangerous.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
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