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Yet another piece for the prompt table I posted HERE. Check it out. I'm still accepting suggestions.

The prompt from gelsey was psychosis to be written in the world of Technomage with Sergie's brother.

Title: Psychosis
Author: triskellion
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None
Word Count: 243
Summary: A look into the mind of Raspitin Ivanovich

His brother was mad. That was the only explanation for his behavior of the last few years. He had betrayed the family, left Mother Russia, made friends with such unsavory sorts, proposed to that evil witch from the American South. As if any Ivanovich would dare to mix their blood with a line so tainted.

Something must be done. The purity of the line must be protected from his brother's madness. If only his brother had died in the attack on St. Johns ...

But that was not to be. The bastard survived and hid himself away at that blasted Californian school. Oh, the embarrassment, his brother consorting with Richard Comyn, a man who not only taught the giftless, he married one. Tainted though she was, at least the Savannah his brother was to marry was a skilled magician.

The madness must be cleansed from the line, his brother purged, the Savannah removed. This must be done so the Aradia might be saved. He had met her, once, when his brother came seeking aid for the tainted one. Poor child, so lost, led towards madness by his brother and the witch. He could save her, he would. Purge the madness from her blood and bind her to the proper path.

“Rasputin, it is time.”

Rasputin stood from the chair where he had been contemplating the fire. “Sorry, Sergei,” he whispered, following it with an evil chuckle. “Time to purge you.”
Tags: original, technomage, writing

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