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NCIS: Return

Another for the prompt table I posted HERE. I've been bad about finishing off the prompts I was given, and here I asking for more ideas. Anyone want to inspire me?

The prompt from anijade was Return in NCIS with Ziva.

Title: Return
Author: triskellion
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers for the beginning of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 6
Word Count: 517
Summary: Ziva has returned to DC twice.

Ziva was not quite sure how she felt when she stepped off the plane from Tel Aviv. To be honest, she had not quite known how she was feeling since before she stepped onto the plane to Tel Aviv, since the night in Special Agent Gibbs' basement. The night she learned her brother had betrayed everything she loved and that her father was the cause of it all.

She could barely face her father at the funeral. How could she explain what was going through her mind when even she did not know? Every action, every look was re-examined, trying to find the monster who had so haunted Ari, trying to understand what drove her brother to treason.

Perhaps this was what going mad felt like.

No, she knew what she felt while stepping off the plane from Tel Aviv. Relief. She did not have to hide her confusion here, pretend to be the dutiful daughter. She could clear her mind, decide what to do, make a life for herself at a distance from all that was so impossibly wrong at home.

So she was going to NCIS, the place that had seemingly destroyed her life, to work for the man who had triggered the charge that blew her world view apart. And she was happy. Happy because the life that was so wrong was back in Tel Aviv. Maybe here she could find herself, make a new self. Someone who was not just what her father made her.

Ari was what their father made him. That road she no longer wanted to walk.


Stepping off the plane in DC was like a breath of fresh air. Oh, her father would still be looking over her shoulder. She couldn't stop that. But several thousand miles between him and her would help. As would her daily company.

She couldn't wait to get back to NCIS, to her friends, her family. Oh, she might technically have family back in Tel Aviv, but ever since hearing Ari speak of her father ... well, it had become rather hard to face her parents. She couldn't tell them the truth of why she wanted to get away. The truth had shattered her. She couldn't do that to her mother. But playing the dutiful daughter to her father, knowing the truth, burned like fire with every paternal kiss.

She had built a new life in America, found a new family. Here, she could find herself, be who she wanted to be instead of who her father had made her. And as much death and destruction as she saw here, it was a relief to be away from the violence of the land she had once called home.

The black web of destruction reached here, but weakly. It was here that a great tangled mass was cut free and destroyed. It was here she had learned to see just how much her father had added to that web.

Here she could work to destroy the web instead of adding to it. It was good to be back on the road she had chosen.

Tags: fanfiction, ncis, writing

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