Ree (triskellion) wrote,

Drabble for gelsey

gelsey asked for UST between Chester, Richard, and Alison. I hope she enjoys this little observation from Caroline's point of view.

Anyone else want a drabble. I've had four requests and I've already got ideas for six drabbles out of it (two still to write). I'd love some more ideas.

Caroline watched. It was all she could do. But sometimes she really wanted to slap them silly.

Christmas always started the same way. Chester would greet Richard with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, a family tradition according to the two men. Caroline would notice the joy both men took from the contact and the glare that Alison indiscriminately spread at them. Then Chester would hug Alison and offer and much shyer kiss. It was Richard’s turn to glare while Alison milked every jot of enjoyment out of the moment and Chester looked embarrassed. The first year he’d kinda fumbled the whole thing, but that was just his issues with women. Alison took control the next year and the pattern had been firmly established.

Dinner was always full of longing glances, all pointed at Chester, while the silly man was completely oblivious to the attention. He’d become so convinced that no one could find him attractive back in college that he just missed any sign otherwise, to this day. Fortunately for Caroline, conversation rarely faltered after the first few years as everyone got well practiced at dealing with the awkward moments.

The gift exchange was always amusing. Every year the participants tried to out do each other with more outrageous labels. It did leave a bit of confusion as Caroline tried to sort out who “my bestest girl in the world” and “my beloved psudo brother” actually were, since the tags also weren’t signed. As the tags were read, one or another of the participants would often be eyeing the recipient, hoping on some level that this time they would realize the hidden message in the wording. It never did work.

Caroline sometimes wondered if it were just the three of them whether the tension would eventually explode into either a horrid fight or some great three way action. She was quite determined to miss at least one Christmas once she started college just to see what happened.
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