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Drabbles galore

More drabbles from writing_game. This time I wrote more worlds. And more drabbles. Please note, some of these are rated R.

From the Technomage World

Prompt: Smile, Character: Enemy, Action: Fetch

“He’s dead, love,” Sergei whispered into her hair.

Ree felt like she should be sobbing, after all, she had just killed a man, but she couldn’t stop smiling. Finally, she was free of Rasputin’s cursed brand. Finally Belle was revenged.

“Thank you, Sergei,” she whispered, but she meant so much more. Thank you for saving me that day. Thank you for being here. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for killing your bastard of a brother for me. So many things to be grateful for.

Then her logical brain kicked in. “You know what we need before we leave?” she asked, and got a raised eyebrow in reply. “Rings. You need the Ivanovich ring since you’re now the head of family.” She refrained from turning her head and spitting on his older brother’s mangled corpse. “And I need the family wedding ring. I doubt it will ever mean more than the one I wear now, but it will make a hell of an impression on my grandmother.”

Interestingly enough, they found both in Rasputin’s pockets. They were going to need a good jewelry cleaner if they were going to get the blood out of the gems’ settings.

Character: General

The General sorted through the files on his desk. The first discussed the attack on St Johns and the Annapolis Navel Academy some years back. The list of survivors cross referenced interestingly with the file on an attack four years later in Savannah, Georgia. Three people, old students of St Johns, had been assaulted with one fatality.

Another interesting connection was the attacker. In both cases a Rasputin Ivanovich was believed to be involved. Sadly, despite the fact that both attacks occurred within the United States, the US would never be questioning Mr. Ivanovich. The last file on The General’s desk described the recent discovery of a battered corpse hanging from a wall in Moscow which had been identified as belonging to Mr Ivanovich.

The state of the body, including the similarity of the injuries to those received by the victims of the attack in Savannah, made The General rather interested in talking to those surviving victims. Unfortunately, they seem to have vanished since the attack, except for filing paperwork for a marriage a few years ago.

Action: Organize

“You know, there is one problem with your new source of potions ingredients,” Ree commented as she handed Sergei the diamond dust.

“Oh?” Sergei asked as he added the dust to the cauldron and stirred the mixture three times counter clockwise.

“They don’t sit neatly on the shelf until you need them,” she said as she carefully returned the butterfly to the terrarium that took up half the room. “It’s hard to organize your ingredients alphabetically when they insist on flying everywhere. And I can never find that mistletoe butterfly when I need it.”

“It’s always hanging upside down under the oak branch, love.”

“Oh, that makes sense, not.”

“It does if you are mistletoe.”

Prompt: Forest

It was familiar. That was probably what drew her out into the forest so often. The school was a world in which she was completely unfamiliar, its people a mystery she could not comprehend, but the woods she knew. They weren’t all that different from the land around her parents’ small farm. But when she thought about that, it made her angry. She had fought hard to get away from that farm, and now she was hiding in the closest thing to it she could find.

Character: Pet

“I think I figured out what’s been going on with Bunbun lately, why he’s been so aggressive toward you,” Yvette said.

Jack eyed the innocent looking minilop rabbit that was madly trying to get free of his mistress’ hands, and then eyed the healing marks the evil little creature had left on his hands and arms last time they met. “He’s an evil little bastard?” he offered.

“Nonsense,” she denied, and Jack could only sigh at her obliviousness. “I think Père asked him to watch over me, and rabbits have very sensitive noses. He probably knew I was pregnant before I did and is trying to protect me from you. But if you could just explain it to him I’m sure you could be friends.”

“Not even if Hell froze over,” Jack asserts, and as he stands to leave he sees the triumph in those beady little eyes. That devil that masquerades as Yvette’s pet has won yet another round.

Prompt: Yellow, Character: Baby, Action: Win

“And who is the child’s father?”

Yvette had no desire to answer this representative of the Matriarchs of the Du Pointe family. Her mother had run from these people and she wanted nothing to do with them either. So she held little Robyn close, who in turn held close her favorite yellow blanket, and answered as blandly as she could, “That is a matter between me and her father. It’s none of your business.”

It took a few more interchanges, far more than she would have liked, but she won and the git went away without the tool he had hoped to gain. She would never have guessed that getting pregnant and not marrying the father would save her from her mother’s family one day.

Prompt: Naughty

Johnathan Verdugo Brand was a naughty boy, who drove his mother to distraction with his high jinks and to sorrow the day he ran away from home to become a professional baseball player.

Jack Daw was an infamously naughty man, known as well for his way with women as his skill on the baseball diamond. There was even this time where he fell of a balcony, stark naked, into the middle of a hotel lobby, only to be rescued by two lovely ladies with long cloaks, with whom he vanish for the rest of the day.

You get the idea.

But Jack, just Jack, was a doting father and supportive companion. He might still be a bit naughty from time to time, but no girl was hot enough that he wouldn’t drop her in an instant if his daughter needed him.

Prompt: Learn

Mary loved to learn. Learning for learning’s sake was the heart and soul of her life. Or so she insisted. It allowed her to spend her every day and much of her nights buried in the library rather than facing the world.

Not to say she wasn’t an excellent researcher. Her papers were sought out by experts of a dozen subjects, though none had ever met her. They would have liked to, as would many other men. She was a stunning woman, her red hair contrasting beautifully with her rich chocolate skin, her build tall and willowy. If she’d washed off the ink, brushed off the dust, she’d have been the bell of any ball.

And that was exactly the problem. It went all pear shaped back in school and she retreated into the library, and there she had stayed, forever learning about everything but life.

Kaylee visits the Caribbean

Prompt: Fear

Kaylee had almost gotten used to that feeling of panic that hits when she first finds herself in another realm. She’d learn to combat that fear with preparation. She wore her Jedi robes for comfort, a nice selection of weapons just in case, and a nice collection of supplies shrunk in her pocket.

This arrival was a little different from normal. She had found most arrivals occurred in private locations so she could make contact with her anchor. This time, she found herself on the edge of a busy street, a street amongst who’s residents she rather stood out. Long hair wasn’t the problem, a woman wearing pants was.

Hoping she hadn’t been noticed, she wrapped herself in an invisibility field and did her slunk slowly toward a nearby alley. If she could find a spot with enough privacy, maybe she could transfigure some spare cloths into something that would blend in.

There was a figure leaning against one wall of the alley, but since she was invisible she walked silently past. Or at least tried. Her heart was in her throat when his arms wrapped around her, one hand over her mouth.

Character: Cop

“You go trotting about like that, love, someone is going to call the marines,” whispered a rum laden voice in her ear. At least it was in a familiar language. Mostly.

That didn’t stop her from digging an elbow into his ribs until his grip loosened. It was the work of a moment to slam him against the wall of the alley and press the edge of her bowie knife into his neck, mentally blessing Jack O’Neill for the gift.

“No one calls the cops on what they cannot see,” she hissed into his rather … decorative face. His eyes were lined with something, his hair in a mix of braids and dreadlocks with a collection of beads … and a few other things. Was this her contact?

“Don’t know what you mean, love,” he said in a surprisingly light tone given he had a knife at his neck. “You’re here, plain as day, fetching outfit and all.” Was that at leer on his face?

Prompt: Newt, Character: Impish

He was a cocky fellow with that impish grin, that she had to admit. However, she still didn’t know why she was here and how he had seen her, and that was making her cranky.

“I don’t suppose you’d care to offer advice instead of innuendoes?” she asked in a facetious tone.

“And what is it you be needin’ advice on, I be wonderin’.” His own tone was no more serious. It was like he didn’t even care about being held at knife point. So she glared at him. After six years with Severus Snape as a teacher, she had rather a good glare.

“Now, now. No need to be like that. You look a bit out of place, maybe needing a chance to get your bearings. As it happens, I was heading to just such a place myself.” Bloody hell, he was waggling his eyebrows at her? Did she dare trust this madman?

Well, the Lady hadn’t led her wrong before now. “Very well,” she agreed, stepping back and sheathing her knife. Yet that was no reason to just start trusting people completely. Caution was another thing Severus taught her.

“But try anything and I’ll turn you into a newt,” she added.

“Oh, so you’re a witch.” And with that he actually patted he on the shoulder. “This way love. We’ll take the back streets to avoid any military entanglements.”

Who is this guy? she thought as she followed him down the alley.

Prompt: Fire

A blacksmith’s shop? That was his hiding place? Kaylee couldn’t believe this guy, but still she followed him though the back door. The room was redolent with the aroma of fire, donkey, scorching metal, and sweating man. The man at the forge, fortunately, looked a fair sight saner than her guide. He took one look at them, raised an eyebrow, and went back to pounding a chunk of red hot metal into some useful form or other.

As the blacksmith continued his work, her guide started rummaging through some of the cupboards until he uncovered what Kaylee could only assume was a bottle of alcohol. She herself preferred to perch in a corner until someone started introductions. She wasn’t going to whip out her supplies in front of strangers, and until she got the lay of the land she was running blind.

It looked like the locals speaking a familiar language was the only plus she was going to have starting this trip. Or so she thought until she blacked out.

Genre: Horror

Kaylee had seen many horrible things over the years. Her first trip on the Lady’s path had dumped her in the middle of the war with Lord Voldemort for goodness sakes. Another had left her confronting another megalomaniac in the form of Emperor Palpatine. More recently, she had fought the Goa’uld and the myriad other nasties that realm contained.

But none of that gave her the shudders the way Jack Sparrow’s memories of living skeletons, of his being a living skeleton.

Maybe it was because she had never seen the memories of one of Voldemort’s experiments or a person who had been infected with a Goa’uld. Jack had actually been a skeleton, if only for a short time, and the wrongness of that curse now permeated her senses.

When her eyes snapped open she didn’t take in anything more than that there was a face leaning over her. One fist snapped out into the jaw as she scrambled away to claim a wide eyed defensive stance in the corner, lightsaber lit before her.

Prompt: Internet

She would have given almost anything for access to the internet right about now. After all those years with Daniel, she had picked up the habit of wanting to do research at the slightest sign of something strange. And the internet back at the SGC would have let her do a cross comparison between their history and this new realm she had landed in. Pirates and curses, but no witches and wizards in the modes she was familiar with. She was flying completely blind for the first time in a long time, and it was scaring her.

At least they’d finally talked her down after that panic attack. The blacksmith, Will, seemed to want to disassemble her lightsaber for study, and the pirate, Jack, couldn’t decide if he wanted to hit her back or recruit her for his crew.

Given that it appeared he was her contact around here, she’d probably let him recruit her. She needed some way to keep an eye on him until she figured out what she was here for.

But she was going to need a metal sword. Another thing the internet would have been good for.

Prompt: Leaf

Kaylee eyed the contents of her cup warily. Six years in Britain had taught her the joys of a good cup of tea, and many years of traveling since had taught her how hard it could be to get a good cup of tea. Yet here she was, on a pirate ship sipping the best cup of tea she’d had in decades.

“This is wonderful,” she said, taking another sip.

“Stole it off a Dutch transport just last week,” Captain Sparrow replied. That widened her eyes for a moment. She was still wrapping her mind around the life style she had just agreed to join.

“So, here’s the articles. Make your mark at the bottom and you’ll be part of the crew.” He slapped a battered roll of parchment down on the table before her, next to the ink bottle and quill he’d dug up earlier.

“I must be mad,” she said with a sigh as she grabbed the quill.

“It does tend to help,” Captain Sparrow agreed.

“At least you have good tea. Pirating can’t be all bad then.” With a quick flourish she signed ‘Kaylee’ at the bottom of the parchment.

Action: Watch

There was just something about the way he moved. Kaylee knew she could watch him all day. For the moment she was splicing rope, trusting her fingers to work while her eyes tracked the captain as he walked the deck, chivying everyone to make things ship shape before they set sail in the morning.

He had one of the strongest Force senses she’d seen outside of the Jedi Realm. Oh, not enough for training, and with his morals she’d never dare even if he did, but enough for a sense of his world that seemed otherworldly to others.

After watching him swim she felt he must have some fae blood. Maybe a selkie child that never made it to the sea in his ancestry, and even then Jack was probably a genetic throwback to boot.

As he moved about the deck, he always maintained the perfect balance of a well trained fighter, even if he did wobble about as much as a master of drunken monkey kung fu.

He was just a collection of contradictions. How did a kind hearted man become a blood thirsty pirate, if less blood thirsty than most? He was a mystery, and she was fascinated.

Prompt: Naughty

Would that she could have said her first trip to Tortuga impressed her. Unfortunately, she had seen worse. Nar Shadda for example. Though, the island was a bit more licentious and relaxed. The lack of stabbings and the whore’s games in the street were unique.

The first guy who tried to tup her lost all interest in women until the bruises faded. The second got a knife to the throat and a warning of just what she would cut off the next git who tried. The occasional crushed instep kept them in line thereafter.

She would have hidden near Jack, trusting in his shadow to leave her ignored, but he was so surrounded by whores she’d been shoved over a table.

She stared into her mug of rum, trying to make sense of her whirling emotions. It wasn’t until a burst of laughter raised her eyes to see Jack thoroughly snogging some wench that she identified her jealousy. She was sent here to protect him, but she’d much rather bed him.

This human rum was pathetic stuff compared to what came out of the Fae realms, but just now she was feeling light enough to consider something rather … naughty.

Prompt: Naughty

It took another mug of rum – or was it two? – before Kaylee finally clambered to her feet. As she walked she avoided every stealth trick she had learned in a dozen realms. She wanted to be noticed, damn it, and so crushing insteps and shoving drunks aside, she approached Captain Jack Sparrow.

She chose the shortest route, which meant shoving a collection of whores aside and stepping up onto the table to arrive directly in front of him. His confused eyes took in her boots, then her trousers, then her shirt, molded to her form by her fitted vest, and finally her face.

As his eyes reached hers she said, “I’ve had a realization, Captain.”

“Aye?” he asked, his head taking on that fae little cant.

She reached down and with a minimal use of the Force to offset her bad leverage, shoved the whore from his lap. “I don’t like watching you with them,” she said and sat on the edge of the table, her legs surrounding him. Her hands reached out to cup his cheeks, her thumbs gently tracing his cheekbones before she pulled him in for a bruising kiss.

Prompt: Naughty

He didn’t resist. He actually leaned into the kiss, his hands slipping up to clasp her thighs. There was an odd little sound, which Kaylee realized was her own moan of pleasure, when his thumbs began circling against her inner thigh.

She was no innocent, several times over thanks to the Lady’s time manipulations, but as she pulled back, Kaylee felt her face go red under the illusion that hid the facial markings of a Labyrinthian Fae. Something about Jack’s calculating eyes and licentious grin made her feel shy.

“Methinks we need to have a talk about proper relationships between a captain and his crew,” he purred, running his fingers along her cheek.

He stood and shoved the bench he was on back, throwing out of position a half dozen whores who had been capering for his attention all evening. To placate them and the bar owner, he threw a small pouch of coin on the table before sweeping her into his arms.

“Back to the ship,” he said. Somehow, even with her in his arms, he gave the room a small bow and said, “Ladies,” before walking out the door with Kaylee wide eyed and throbbing in his arms.

Character: Pet

“I’ve never been one to keep a pet aboard ship,” he commented as he closed the door to the Pearl’s great cabin, though she noted he didn’t lock it, yet.

“I’ve never been one to be someone’s pet,” she countered, sauntering up to him and cupping his cheek in her hand. “I prefer compatriot and playmate.”

“Is that all?” he asked, cupping a hand around her hip. “You sounded a bit … jealous back there.”

“I don’t think I’d mind you keeping pets out there if I knew there’d be something for me here,” she countered, hoping she was being honest with herself. She knew, intimately, that his ship held all his heart and there was no room for a woman.

“Unless you think the crew would object,” she added, taking a step back, trailing her fingers down from his cheek to his shoulder, down his outstretched arm to his hand.

Before she could escape his reach, his hand wrapped around hers and he pulled her up against him. “You’ve already proved you can handle the crew,” he whispered, staring into her eyes. “But can you handle their captain?”

The lock clicked shut behind them.

Genre: Romance

Kaylee would never have taken Jack for a closet romantic. Oh, she knew more about him that anyone, but even she couldn’t sort through everything in just a few weeks. So she’d missed the romantic streak.

He kissed her hard. He kissed her soft. He slowly sweet talked her out of her cloths. He even made the romantic gesture of asking her to drop her illusion, saying he wanted to see the face of the beautiful creature he was ravishing tonight.

Slightly drunk on rum and very drunk on his touch, she switched to the illusion she used for the High King’s court functions, showing her true eyes and hair, but no more.

“But it’s still here,” he said, caressing her neck, “and here,” her shoulder, “and here,” the curve of her breast. He licked where his fingers had just passed and whispered against her skin, “I want to see you.”

She damn near dropped it then and there, but a smattering of sense resisted. “You are not my father, my brother, my uncle, or my husband,” she said between gasps, and she wasn’t sure which affronted him more.

“No, I’m your captain.” Oh, that wicked grin.

Character: Teacher

If she had still been at Hogwarts, that night would have become infamous in Ravenclaw tower. Hell, it probably would have become infamous in every dorm after one of those rare interhouse gossip sessions. This was what every girl in the school had dreamed of and never gotten. Let’s be honest, teenage males are not the best, most experienced lovers. (Hey, just because she hadn’t been old enough to join in the gossip didn’t mean she hadn’t listened for six years.)

Then again, she wasn’t sure she’d have ever been willing to share this. She had learned more in one night than from a dozen previous lovers in several realms.

Then she tried something that she’d seen in an obscure little text in the SGC (it was amazing what Daniel kept around as “references” sometimes), and Jack positively purred.

“And here I thought I was going to be the teacher, love.” He kissed her hard then purred in her ear, “Do that again.”

Prompt: Brave

She was lying on her stomach as he played with her wings. She’d never thought of them as an erogenous zone, but was finding the slow movement of his fingers along and through the monomolecular membrane absolutely entrancing.

“You’re a brave lass, floatin’ about the sky on these delicate things.”

“They’re stronger than they look.”

He ran his eyes over her slight build, then at the bruise she’d left on his arm earlier. “Yes you are.”

Prompt: Quiet

It had definitely not been a quite evening. Oh, there had been a few quiet moments, but there had also been rather a lot of screaming and moaning and the like.

Fortunately, most of the crew were ashore doing their own drinking and wenching. The watch had likely gotten an earful though.

Kaylee made a mental note to review her silencing spells and put them to good use next time. She hadn’t even known she could hit that volume without being in terror for her life.

Prompt: Forest

Jack lay on his side, half asleep, and Kaylee was gently traced the silvery forest of scars that covered his back. His scars told as many tales as his tongue. She wondered if he would ever be willing to share them with her.

“The bottom layers are from a few bad captains over the years,” he murmured softly, almost below the rage of hearing. “The last were from a real little shit in the East India Trading Company.”

“The same one who gave you this,” she said, running her fingers over the ‘P’ burned into his forearm as the story sorted itself out within her mind.

“Aye,” he said, rolling over to face her. “This looks almost as painful,” he added, tracing the ropy scar that curved around her ribs.

“An unpleasant curse during an even less pleasant battle with an egomaniac wanna be dark lord.” She’d wondered earlier why she had the urge to drop the illusion over her scars since arriving on the Pearl, but now she was beginning to understand. Sometimes it was nice to exchange tales.

Prompt: Orange, Action: Walk

She woke from a light doze to the feeling of her hair being tugged. Opening her eyes, she found Jack separating the colored strands and braiding them.

“Have you ever considered orange?” he asked.

“Doesn’t suit my skin. The colors always come in in shades that complement.”

“Thus blues and greens with black hair and golden skin.” She nodded. “You should wear your colors openly more often.”

“And how am I supposed to explain that to the crew?”

“You could tell them the truth.”

“That I’m an inter-dimensional traveler in the service of an over controlling goddess?”

“Nah, that your one of the fair folk.”

She snorted. “You know, you might look good with orange streaks, through red would be better.”

“Nice thought, but not likely to happen.”

“Oh, I don’t know.” It took a moment to rediscover her legs, then another to figure out where her wand holder had been flung last night, but once found it took only a whispered spell to streak several of his braids in flame colors.

She conjured a crystal mirror as she walked back to him and held it out.

He eyed the new look and asked, “Can you make them flicker?”

Prompt: Naughty

The next time Kaylee woke it was to the sound of knocking. She was delightfully comfortable, sprawled across Jack, her head on his shoulder and his arms around her, and had no desire to move.

Jack growled something indecipherable and a voice from beyond the door called out, “It’s Gibbs, Captain.”

“Bloody hell, what time does he think it is?”

”Don’t want to get up?” she asked into his chest.

“Not in the slightest,” he agreed.

“Care what the crew learns?”

“After last night I’m sure they all know exactly what we’ve been up to.”

“Got it covered then, Captain.” A small wave of her hand pulled the sheet up over them. Another twitch of her wrist unlocked the door and pulled it open. A naughty grin crossed her face as the ship’s first mate poked his head around the door and took in the damage.

Action: Fetch

“Sorry to bother you, Captain. The supplies just arrived and I need to pay …” Mr. Gibbs started out strong, but his voice trickled away as he took in the great cabin. Cloths, and a few other varied items, were scattered all over the furniture and floor. And of course Jack and Kaylee were sprawled in the bed, barely covered by a sheet.

“Is your hair on fire, Captain?” Gibbs voice actually squeaked.

Kaylee raised her head, then cursed softly as she saw the flame like braids spread over the pillow. She’d forgotten about the time spent getting the flickering effect just right while drinking a bit more rum than was sensible.

Jack let out a grunt when she dropped her head back onto his chest. “No, Mr. Gibbs. Just an experiment. Just fetch the lock box and bugger off.”

He did as ordered, slipping the lock box efficiently out of it’s secret compartment. It was getting back out of the room that he tripped up again.

“Kaylee?” he asked, finally identifying his captain’s companion. “Your eyes. Who hit you?”

Kaylee groaned. She’d forgotten to put the illusion back on. “Nobody, Mr Gibbs. That’s completely natural coloring for a fae.”

Prompt: Leaf

Kaylee closed her eyes, wanting to forget the look of horror on Gibbs’ face. Now maybe Jack would understand why she preferred to hide her face. She saw that look regularly on her grandmother’s face. Could she just obliviate him?

“Captain, a woman’s bad luck enough, but havin’ one of the fair folk aboard …” Gibbs began.

“It’d be worse luck to throw her off … or go say’n she’s bad luck to her face,” Jack countered.

“Aye, perhaps,” Gibbs conceded.

“Oh, go pay the suppliers … and get yourself a ration of rum to calm your brain,” Jack suggested. “And before you bring the lockbox back, see Cookie for a tray for us.”

“With some tea,” Kaylee added.

“It may stew before we get to it,” Jack cautioned.

“So leave it out of the water. I’ll heat it later.”

“You sure ‘bout that?” Kaylee answered by raising a hand and snapping her fingers, conjuring a crystal which quickly turned into a fire ball and burned out before it hit the bed. “Right, pot of cold water, tea on the side.”

“Aye, Captain.” A quick look at Gibbs’ face showed she’d made more than one point with that fireball.

Prompt: Naughty

“You’re quite the naughty creature when you want to be, love.” Jack commented once the door was firmly shut behind Gibbs.

“You bring out the worst in me, I fear,” Kaylee replied.

“Is that such a bad thing?”

“Depends on how long I’m sticking around.” She sighed. “Soon as Gibbs opens his mouth the crew is going to be ready to lynch me for bewitching their captain.”

“Nonsense. They are going to be jealous as hell that I’ve got such a nice piece in my bed and ain’t sharing,” he said, grabbing her ass. “But they are also going to be glad they’ve got a fine sword to fight beside them and a fine sailor to aid in the rigging. Show them a few tricks that will be useful in a fight and they’ll get over it soon enough.”

“I doubt it will be so easy,” she said, rolling away from him. “Tricks will just scare them.”

“Didn’t scare me,” he said, rolling atop her.

“But you’re mad, Captain Sparrow.”

“And they’re me crew.”

She thought he might have a point, but forgot about it when he kissed her.

Prompt: Naughty

They were in the midst of things when Mr. Gibbs returned. Hearing the knock, they disengaged themselves and Kaylee snuggled up to Jack’s side, her knee over his legs to hide that he was interested in something other than his first mate.

The sheet in place, Jack called, “Come in.”

Gibbs entered carrying the lockbox, followed by Marty with the tray. Kaylee buried her face in Jack’s shoulder, cursing herself for not replacing the illusion. The story really would be everywhere now.

Jack gripped her chin gently and urged it from his shoulder. “You should have considered any shy tendencies before you jumped me in the pub.”

“I was drunk,” she asserted, a comment that got a snort of laughter from all three men. “Oh put it down and bugger off, you lot,” she growled. “It was one thing admitting I wanted to take you to bed. It’s another to go showing I’m not human. I must have been drunk as a skunk to agree to that.”

As she ranted the other’s slunk back out of the cabin. Once they were gone, Jack grabbed her somewhere sensitive and said, “Perhaps not drunk, per say, but definitely a little blissed out.”

Character: Pet

It was mid afternoon before they made a serious attempt to leave the cabin. They’d made one abortive attempt before, but the bath Kaylee had conjured to rinse off in just lead to other activities.

This time, Cat O’Nine Tails was scratching at the door demanding entrance. She offered Jack his usual tribute of a dead rat, which he accepted with a minimum of graciousness and immediately threw overboard. At least she didn’t leave them next to his bed while he was sleeping anymore. Gibbs had a grand tale about that argument.

Kaylee was sitting on the bed, modifying her vest with magic. If she was going to confront the crew with the truth, she was going to do it with a low back on her vest so she could get her wings free fast lest someone try something up in the rigging.

Cat hopped onto the bed and settled in her lap, purring up a storm and completely ignoring the magic going on over her head.

“Now that should comfort you,” Jack said.


“The crew isn’t going to toss someone the ship’s cat likes.”

Kaylee laughed and scratched Cat between the ears.

Prompt: Angel

Kaylee had her illusions on court mode when she left the cabin with Cat O’Nine Tails in the crook of her arm and the captain right behind her. Everything would have been fine except most of the crew was waiting on deck.

“I do hope this isn’t a mutiny,” Jack said lightly, though there was a core of steel underneath.

“’Course not, Captain,” said Gibbs. “Crew just wanted to know exactly who signed articles.”

“Do you usually require new crew to list their crimes,” Kaylee said haughtily.

“Nah,” said Marty. “But references are always appreciated.”

“I am Sesquelearus Estus’t’estus, High Priestess of the Lady Bright, Princess of Goblins and Lady of the Labyrinth, witch, Jedi Master, Ambassador to a few dozen realms, and occasional mercenary. However, I prefer to be called Kaylee.”

“It’s an impressive list, no?” Jack added lightly. “Personally, I prefer guardian angel. She snuck me out of Port Royal under the Admiralty’s very nose.”

Kaylee shrugged. “I’ve worked with angels a time or two.”

“Havin’ an angel aboard ought be lucky,” Gibbs said.

“Wind in their sails,” added Cotton’s parrot. Add Cat purring happily in her arms and most of the crew seemed content.

Action: Zap

Kaylee had ship watch that night with Mr. Cotton while Jack went off with the rest of the crew to purchase more supplies and drink the night away. She tucked her lit wand in her braid and planned to pass the night with a few reference books. She needed to review her silencing spells.

Unfortunately, there were a number of interruptions. She quickly switched to wards and solved the problem.

Shortly after dawn, she was drawn to the side of the ship by a yelp of pain and a familiar voice yelling her name.

“Yes, Captain?” she asked, leaning over the railing.

“My ship just zapped me,” he snarled at her.

“Sorry. Someone had a big mouth last night and I was having trouble with visitors. I figured you’d prefer this to the risk of scorch marks if I got sloppy with the fire balls.” Jack’s head whipped around and took in the definite pattern of scorch marks on the dock.

“Keep that handy, but turn it off so the crew can come back,” he ordered.

“Already done,” she assured him, and offered a hand over the side.

Prompt: Box

The poor Captain’s hand was looking a little red after its impact with her wards, so Kaylee followed him into his cabin

“Something was obviously skittering about town, gossip wise,” she commented as she enlarged her travel trunk on the table.

“Only clear sense was there is something special about the new girl on the Pearl, who may or may not be the same one who bewitched me in the Faithful Bride the other night.”

Kaylee snorted, rummaging for the burn paste she knew she had somewhere.

“What all do you have in there?” Jack asked, looking over her shoulder.

“Hmm? Not really sure anymore. I just keep adding.”

“And what were you looking for?” he asked, sorting through some of the cloths she’d thrown on the table. “Oh, I bet you’d look lovely in this.”

She grabbed the burn paste that finally surfaced and turned to see what caught his attention. “Got that off the Tok’ra. Half of them dress like priests, the rest like whores. I’m sure I have something skimpier somewhere.”

She grabbed his hand and smoothed the paste over the burn.

Character: Leader

“Shouldn’t you be getting some sleep?” Kaylee asked, Jack’s wandering hands inhibiting her attempts to repack her trunk.

“You gonna join me?” he asked, nibbling on her neck.

“I would have thought you’d be whored out after last night.” The physical presence prodding her in the rear said otherwise.

“You said you were fine with the whoring as long as there was playing for you back here. I’m tryin’ to hold up my end of the bargain.” His fingers were fumbling at the laces of her vest.

“Jack Sparrow, you are drunk and tired,” she said, turning around within the circle of his arms.

“Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow.” His whimper was almost cute.

“Captain on deck and Captain in play, aye, but if you demand to be my captain in bed, then I’ll walk out that door and never return,” she promised solemnly, taking a half step back out of reach.

He gave her a more serious look than she’d ever seen on his face before sternly saying, “Agreed,” and proffering his hand to seal it.

“Agreed,” she said, and shook on it.

He then took the opportunity to sling her over his shoulder and haul her off to bed.

Action: Drag

It was only a few minutes before a knock resonated through the cabin. Highly aroused and half dressed, Jack snarled in response.

“Sorry to intrude, Captain,” said Mr. Gibbs cracking open the door but decidedly looking anywhere but inside. “But the crew is already complaining about the noise.” Kaylee laughed. “And they’re threat’nin’ to drag you out and toss you overboard to cool down if’n you can’t keep it down.”

Jack was looking decidedly red in the face, but Kaylee just nipped his ear and whispered, “Trust me.”

“Understood, Mr. Gibbs,” she said before Forcing the door shut with a wave of her hand, and then securely locking it.

Jack went straight back for her breasts, but she pushed him back and gave him a look of warning. “Need to concentrate to get this right, then I’m all yours,” she assured him.

“Promise?” he asked with a glint in his eye as he leaned back against the bed.

A moment’s focus called up the right spell from her reading last night and a minute of casting with her wand set the wards.

“There, we can hear outside, but nothing inside can be heard outside.”

”Perfect,” he purred, and jumped her.

Prompt: Laugh, Action: Swim

“What we need, love, is a swim. The weather is too nice to sit about inside all day,” Jack said suddenly, grabbing Kaylee by the arm and hauling her to the door.

“No, what you need is a regular bath,” she commented back, unconcerned about their mutual lack of clothing. Human body consciousness had amused the hell out of her in many realms.

“Don’t understand your obsession with baths,” he said crossing the deck. “Little dirt never hurt anyone.”

“Tell that to the next member of the crew to loose a limb to infection,” she got out before he picked her up and tossed her over the side. She controlled her fall with the force and turned it into a perfect dive. Jack followed quickly, missing her emerging head by inches as he entered the water.

“Madman,” she said with a laugh and splashed him as he came up.

“Of course, I’m Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?”

Prompt: Box

There was a small box sitting on the corner of Jack’s desk. He’d picked it up in a raid on an Italian ship a few weeks back, and since then it had just sat there. No one had questioned his desire to take it as part of his share, but also no one knew what was inside of it.

It wasn’t an impressive box. It was small, the wood uncarved and lacquered black. The workmanship was good though, and it had taken some careful observation to identify the latch. Kaylee hadn’t opened it, though her curiosity was about killing her. If Jack wanted to keep this to himself she would let him. But, damn it, she wondered what it was.

Genre: Angst

How was she going to tell him? It’s not that she didn’t want this. She knew her body well enough to avoid it indefinitely. It’s just … there were so many other variables. What if the Lady wouldn’t let her take the child home? She couldn’t just dump it on him

The hands on her shoulders startled her. “So when are you going to tell me?” he asked.

“Tell you what?”

“About our child?”

She groaned. “Jack … I’m sorry. It didn’t want to…”

“Burden me?”


“Come now, love. Any child of ours will be a little nightmare, but not a burden.”


“I’ve had a bit to think about it. Howe’er this goes, ‘tis an occasion to celebrate.” He held out that small black box. “I got this to commemorate, and I’m tired of waiting on you.”

She opened the box. Inside was a small piece of polished jade set in gold. The natural curves of the stone made an image that looked like a woman with a babe in arms.

“Suits, eh?” he commented, before slipping it up. Deft fingers braided a lock of hair and then tied the pendant in. “There, a proper souvenir.”
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