October 16th, 2012


Home: Recruiting Fornell

Flipping through my files as I once again try to figure out what's wrong with my case fic, I found a one shot I'd never posted. My deepest apologies.

On a side note, everything (in a moment including this) is now up on AO3.

Title: Recruiting Fornell
Series: Home
Author: triskellion
Rating: PG
Word Count: 609
Spoilers: None
Warnings: It's slash, but you won't see that here
Disclaimer: They're not mine, pretty as I find them. Go to the producers if you want to talk money.
Summary: AU but following canon events: Ted and Ben finally coughed up those file. Time to hand the case off to Fornell.

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Working on Home

So, having spent part of the morning working on uploading the rest of Home to AO3, I'm looking over what I have of the case fic again. I keep thinking if I had a beta or two willing to cheerlead and whap me maybe I could get it going and finish it. So... Anyone interested?

The first three chapters have been betaed. The last three plus the one or two I still need to write haven't. Anyone who helps will get a chance to read the whole thing to date, if bribery helps.

Either way, i might start posting the early chapters just to see if it inspires me. Leaving it a WIP on my hard drive isn't doing anyone any good.

Actually, in the name of bribery:

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