December 1st, 2011


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As an independent business woman who loves to write and edit, I've started a number of misc. projects over the last few years.

Well, this is my latest. I want to edit an anthology.

Crazy, huh? But in a self publishing world it might not be so bad. I've got a small publisher (ok, a friend who started her own publishing company) to produce it. I can get ebooks and hard copies on all the major sites no problem. So that leaves content.

Well, I've got some people in my writers group who are interested. We're all writers dying for that first break, something to put on a cover letter or website to convince other people we're legit. But I need more people, and so I'm putting the offer out there to those who read this blog.

The theme is "Vampires, with a twist". Give me something new and interesting to do with the classic bloodsucker. Make him sparkle and I will beat you over the head with the collected works of Stephanie Meyer, but there are lots of other ways to go.

So, anyone interested? Anyone have questions? Leave a comment (I'll screen them so no one can steal your idea) or PM me. I'd love to hear what you're thinking. And I'd love to help you get a story published.

PS: Forgot to mention, it is my plan to try and share any profits that come of this with the authors I publish. Can't promise an amount, but it's encouragement to advertise with your friends.

PPS: Oh, and I'll need a cover at some point. If anyone's interested in a small fee or share for something like that, I'm open to discussion.

PPPS: And if you've commented and can't see my reply, let me know, because this screened comments thing isn't like I thought and it's giving me a headache.