May 26th, 2009


Star Trek : Renewal Cake

Here I am, chugging along with my case fic for my shifterverse, and tejas puts this link to a Star Trek fic in front of me. Next think I know, I'm reading three comms and skimming the forty plus pages of prompts on the meme at st_xi_kink. I've got three more stories in the work, two of which are serious but those take longer, so for now you get crackfic number one.

Title: Renewal Cake
Author/Artist: triskellion
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Summary: Another diplomatic incident for the Enterprise has some rather small repercussions for it's captain.
Notes/Warnings: This is nonsense of the highest order. I was inspired by this prompt at the ST kink meme, and it just kept going. It would be even longer (if 4400 words isn't long enough) except I got bored and caught up in a Pon Farr fic (it's coming). On that note, anyone who wants to write about the adventures of young Kirk, I'd love to read them. My beta, gelsey, pointed out the personal logs, security logs, and medical logs during that time must be a hoot.

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