October 25th, 2005


Musings at Idyllwild, or Ree's heartwrending angst

So here is to insanity. I wrote this for the Lesser of Two Evils prompt on muses_stewpot, which of course I managed to forget the deadline to. Oh well. I hope that someone other than gelsey will appreciate the angst. I do apologise for how excessive the angst is, but I was musing on the histroy of these characters based on a recent attempt to use them again some eleven years later, and this just lodged itself in my brain and demanded to be written.

Disclaimer: This is based on an RPG I have played off and on for the last year. Gloryanna Fraiser is all mine. Sergei Ivanova is the property of the lovely gelsey. Rebekha Cabot is the property of her creator (I don't know if she has an LJ account). I have permission to mess with them all.

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